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Twist Tie Uses

What is a twist tie?

A twist tie is a metal wire that is encased in a thin strip of paper or plastic that is usually used to tie the opening of bags.

Kinds of twist ties that we carry

What kind of twist tie should I use?

All twist ties have the same basic design: a metal wire that is covered in a thin strip of material that makes it easier to handle. The type of twist tie you need will depend on your application.

Plastic Twist Ties - Plastic twist ties, due to their durable plastic encasing are ideal for environments where moisture may be present such as outdoor settings like a garden or nursery.

Paper Twist TiesPaper twist ties are probably one of the most common kinds of twist ties. They are primarily used to close bags or bundle items that are unlikely to come into contact with water.

Metallic Twist TiesDue to their flashy exterior, metallic twist ties are usually used to add the finishing touch on creative projects such as party bags, floral arrangements or in place of ribbon to make a bow. 

Produce Twist TiesAs the name indicates produce twist ties are used to bundle and label produce.

Twist tie uses

Twist ties aren’t just for closing bags, here are just  a few of other practical uses for twist ties:

  • Temporary window curtain or shower curtain hooks
  • Bundle electrical wires/cables
  • Attach keys together
  • Reset buttons on electronics or watches
  • Securing plants in a garden or nursery
  • Hang Christmas ornaments
  • Locking device for suitcase zippers
  • Replace buttons
  • Secure plants in your nursery or garden
  • Repair or replace lost zipper pulls
  • Repair a shoelace. If the plastic end comes off, poke a twist tie though the cloth part
  • Bind together loose leaf paper with holes
  • Kid’s crafts
  • Ribbons