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Plastic Twist Ties

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Plastic Twist Ties
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Plastic twist ties from Save Ties over a simple, reliable method for keeping your bags securely closed. No matter your business needs, our plastic twist ties provide an excellent closure solution.

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Plastic twist ties provide an excellent economical solution for almost any packaging or bundling need. Plastic twist ties are also a versatile product that can be used around the house. Use them to organize electrical cords, in the garden to secure plants, bundling keys or to hang Christmas ornaments.   

Plastic twist ties are also used in a variety of industries. Run a grocery store? Twist ties are great for closing bulk food, produce, bakery goods or even deli packaging. Be sure to have plenty of twist ties around for your customers! Work in dry cleaning? Our twist ties are a great way to keep your customer's orders together.

No matter your needs, our twist ties are the solution!

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Paper or Plastic Twist Ties?

Can’t decide whether or not you will need paper or plastic twist ties? Well, ask yourself - what type of setting will you be using the twist tie in?

The difference between paper and plastic twist ties is solely the material used to coat the wire at the center of the twist tie. The presence of water is generally the determining factor for which type of twist tie should be selected.  

Plastic twist ties are water resistant and longer lasting. Plastic twist ties are ideal for use in scenarios such as – tying produce in a grocery store, or bundling items that may be stored outdoors where moisture may be present.

Paper twist ties are the standard for most dry tying needs, where moisture is not a factor.

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